Special Assistance Funds

Special Assistance Funds help to meet many critical program, recreational and personal unmet needs of the men, women and children served by JCDS. These funds help fill the gaps so that individuals can live healthy, safe, productive and independent lives. This important fund provides a safety net of emergency support where no other resources are available.

Things such as:

  • Wheelchair modifications and repairs or walkers and other mobility aids.
  • Rent requests for help with deposits for first time apartments to emergency rental assistance.
  • Utility assistance for restoring services or paying back balances causing financial hardship.
  • Furniture requests to purchase new bed frames, mattresses or modest starter furniture.
  • Restorative/fitness needs and special therapies which are critical to health and well-being, rarely covered by Medicaid.
  • Transportation assistance to help individuals stay employed and independently carry out the activities of daily life.
  • Household moving/relocation expenses.
  • Clothing, shoes and personal care items needed to prepare for job interviews, meet basic employment requirements, or on an emergency needed basis.
  • Replacement or repair of glasses and hearing aids.
  • Unreimbursed medical and dental expenses which continue to be a critical area of emergency support.
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