Barrier Free Housing

Friends of JCDS and JCDS:  A Committed Partnership for Barrier-free Housing. 

Finding a safe, affordable and decent place to lives is one of the major challenges facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 1997 Friends of JCDS joined forces with Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS) and Johnson County government to create affordable, wheelchair-accessible housing for people with physical as well as intellectual /developmental disabilities. Since then, eleven attractive homes have been purchased – throughout neighborhoods much like yours – and renovated to remove the physical barriers that make independent living difficult. This ambitious project utilized public and private sector resources to expand low cost, barrier-free housing for JCDS clients.

JCDS provides staff support for project implementation and administers the grant fund used for ADA renovations.

By helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities realize their rights to live and work in the local community, we are creating diversity within our neighborhoods and places of employment.  We are helping to build a community of choice where everyone belongs.

This nationally recognized, award-winning program is one of Friends’ greatest achievements.


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